Hello Kitty Jibbitz

What are Hello Kitty Jibbitz?

Good question to ask! Hello Kitty Jibbitz are decorations for Crocs shoes. These can be hooked into the holes on the standard clogs and any other location that features a spot for clipping them on.

Hello Kitty JibbitzHello Kitty JibbitzHello Kitty Jibbitz

They can also be clipped onto a variety of other Crocs products, like Crocs pencil cases, and even Crocs wristbands that are made to give them a home as well.

The set to the left features six jibbitz in a pack, but there are plenty of single Hello Kitty Jibbitz available.

Just click here for a full listing of all the Jibbitz available on Amazon.

Hello Kitty Jibbitz – a modern subculture

Jibbitz have given rise to a whole subculture for Crocs shoes. There are plenty of unofficial versions made to fit Crocs. Have a browse around because some of these are better looking than others. You will tend to get a better deal from the small, private makers, but you can see a listing of the official Hello Kitty Jibbitz at the Crocs site.

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Hello Kitty Crocs for Kids

Hello Kitty Crocs for Kids

Hello Kitty, kids and Crocs go hand-in-hand and the result is… Hello Kitty Crocs for Kids!

That’s what you’ll find if  you have a quick search for them on Amazon.

As an aside — if you are looking for adult women’s shoes with the cute cat, try the Lily Hello Kitty Crocs

Hello Kitty Crocs for Kids

Typical example of Crocs for Kids

Kids love them but for Moms and Dads it’s enough to make your eyes blink if you look at them for long enough! Although other colors are available, these super-bright colors are pretty typical of what you’ll find in the Hello Kitty Crocs for Kids range. Despite the very specific appeal of the colors, the Crocs shoes themselves are very reliable and sturdy for youngsters.

The ones to the left are a particularly flowery version.

The material used in the manufacture of Crocs is often mistakenly thought of as just being common rubber or plastic. Not so. It is a custom formula that Crocs use for making their shoes, specifically designed for footwear.

Crocs shoes have a very open feel to them and are kind to the feet. The open back, and on many models open vents at the front, allow air to flow very freely over the foot. That’s definitely a plus in hot climates, where feet can get uncomfortably hot when bundled up in closed sneakers.

You can check out Amazon for a listing of the many Crocs shoes available.

For wetter climates the open design does mean that your feet get wet. No bog deal because this would also happen with sneakers. But it does take a bit more water to seep through sneakers to get your feet or socks wet! With Crocs, you get wet… immediately.

In general, Crocs do lack the protective elements of sneakers. This is a common complaint, but that aspect should be obvious. These are open shoes and your feet are not covered.

Overall you really can’t go too wrong with these or any of the other styles of Crocs on the market. Some people absolutely love them and couldn’t live without their Crocs, but for others they’re just a complete eyesore, shoes they wouldn’t be seen dead in!

But one things for sure, there haven’t been that many occasions where two qualities of such extreme cuteness have been paired together for a match made in… um… in cat heaven.

Lily Hello Kitty Crocs

The Lily Hello Kitty Crocs (shown below) can be quite hard to find.

Lily Hello Kitty Crocs

Lily Hello Kitty Crocs are still available, but can be difficult to source. A quick search of the Interwebs revealed a few available through specialist outlets, mostly through Asian-based companies where “Hello Kitty” designs have a definite following.

The base of the shoe is the flat-soled Lily variant, which is very similar to the Carlisa in many respects.

Colors are white with black print, and light pink with darker pink print for getting those cute little Hello Kitty logos plastered all over the side. Both include a bow over the toe area.

A quick search for Hello Kitty Crocs on Amazon only showed a few shoes, and those were mostly for kids.

If you are really intent on getting a set, try a search for “Lily Hello Kitty Crocs on Google. Otherwise the official Crocs site could be your best bet.

I found two other options that were similar, and might be decent second choices if needs be.

Lily Hello Kitty CrocsLily Hello Kitty Crocs


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Crocs Hello Kitty

So the Kitty has now teamed up with Crocs, resulting in Crocs Hello Kitty. This amazing team just made one of the best footwear even more appealing to its users. Children, girls and ladies just find it so adorable finding their long time San Rio character “Hello Kitty” on their favorite Crocs design. Most of all, Crocs Hello Kitty feel so good to the feet.

Our favorite Hello Kitty design is just so attractive to children as well as to adults. This very cute design is charming and hard to resist checking them out! The great comfort of the Crocs Hello Kitty, make the temptation very difficult to resist. Crocs Hello Kitty come in shoes, slip-ons and sandals for both girls and ladies.  Crocs Hello Kitty still has all our favorite Crocs features that we can expect from the Crocs range.

All the favorite Crocs Hello Kitty designs are ultra light in weight. This is the feature that makes Crocs so unique. The material provides the best comfort to your feet. Setting your foot on the footpads gives the feeling of a super flexible and soft rubber.  However, Crocs are not made of rubber, they are made from croslite.

Crocs Hello Kitty Anti-slip Technology

Another excellent feature of the Crocs Hello Kitty is its anti-slip technology. The outer sole of this footwear has a high co-efficient to friction. Whether you go out walking on a wet rainy day or go hiking with your friends or family, you don’t have to worry about every step you take. Crocs have that problem sorted that out. High co-efficiency to friction allows your shoe to ‘brake’ on downhill tracks or stay steady whenever you walk on wet sidewalks. The bottom line is, you are less likely to slip.

Crocs Hello Kitty Ventilation Technology

Crocs  Hello Kitty share another feature with almost all Crocs foot wear, namely they have air ventilation holes. These vents are specifically designed to allow easy air circulation in and out of the shoe. This ingenuity provides a fresh and cool environment allowing the feet to breathe. Because of this technology, it reduces and can even eliminate microbes and other bacteria and fungi that could build up on the foot. These microbes are the ones that most often cause foot odor. The good news is that smelly feet need no longer be a problem!

Crocs Circulation Nubs

Another great quality of the Crocs Hello Kitty is the system of circulation nubs. This footpad technology consists of mini spike-like nubs of croslite that emerge from the foot bed of the shoe. The gentle massage on the inner and outer soles of the foot improves the foot’s blood circulation creating a soothing and relaxing feeling with every step you take. So besides having the well-loved “Hello Kitty” design on your Crocs shoes, Crocs are also beneficial to your health.

Hello Kitty is the favorite design of so many people and what a better sight than to look down on your shoes and find your Hello Kitty friends.

Hello Kitty Crocs

So the Kitty has now joined ranks with Crocs shoes to make Hello Kitty Crocs. This amazing tandem just made one of the best footwear more likeable to its users. Women of all ages just love find their adored “Hello Kitty” on their favorite Crocs shoes. An added bonus is that not only do they look so appealing, they are also extremely comfortable to your feet.

Hello Kitty Crocs

Available on Amazon. Click here for a list of Hello Kitty Crocs on Amazon.

Hello Kitty symbolizes childhood and simplicity. It’s a design we have all came to love while growing up and now by incorporating this into the shoe, it gives excitement to both adults and children alike. Hello Kitty Crocs are designed for shoes, slip-ons, sandals and flip flops. They just feel great to wear. Squeezing into a rigid, uncomfortable shoe is something of the past. For adults, it brings them back to happy childhood memories.

Although it might be obvious that Crocs make Hello Kitty Crocs for kids, if you’re looking for something for a more mature audience, the Lily Hello Kitty Crocs might be just your thing.

Our favorite Hello Kitty is just so attractive to everyone. You can’t resist checking it out. And once you’ve checked it out, you’ll be hooked and unable to resist buying yourself a pair, especially when you’ve tried it on and felt the extreme comfort of the Hello Kitty Crocs.

The shoe still carries all the major feature of the Crocs shoes and since the Hello Kitty design is applied to different shoe models, each model may also have its own unique and special features. Hello Kitty Crocs are made from croslite, the foam technology made famous by Crocs. Croslite is the sole and soul of all Crocs shoes. It’s popularity comes from its lightness, its softness on the foot as well as its durability.

These cute wonders have also been designed for customizing. There is a whole range of Hello Kitty Jibbitz for Crocs shoes. The Jibbitz are designed to clip into the holes on the traditional Crocs clogs and can

The other benefit of croslite on the soles of the Hello Kitty Crocs is that it is very resistant to slippery ground. Croslite material has a high co-efficient to friction. In everyday language this means that the sole has a kind of braking system and stops that shoe from slipping. So you can wear your Hello Kitty Crocs without worrying about the ground you step on. Nor do you have to worry about slippery pavements. It practically conquers the slipperiest of slopes.

Hello Kitty Crocs also have the famous air ventilation holes. These are tiny air vents that are found in strategic places in different Crocs foot ware. These air vents allow the air to freely circulate inside the shoe. With constant air circulation inside the shoe, the foot keeps cool and dry at all times. It is also a way of eliminating the possibility of having “smelly” feet since the feet are always cool and dry. In fact bacteria and microbes do not grow in croslite material and so fungal infections and other foot irritations can be minimized.

Let’s  not forget about the circulation nubs! Crocs shoes are famous for the circulation nubs on the footbed of the shoe. These nubs effectively massage the foot, stimulating a healthy blood flow to the foot and a healthy blood flow means a healthy foot.

Hello Kitty Crocs is a shoe that excites children and brings out the child in adults. It is very comfortable and convenient while still boasting of all the added health benefits Crocs shoes have become famous for. The shoe comes in different designs, colors and models. Meow!